I LOVE re-decorating.


Giving your décor a facelift, doesn’t have to entail throwing everything out and starting over. 


In a similar process to home staging, you can change the ambiance of your home by simply de-cluttering extra furniture & dated accessories.  Just removing a lot of ‘stuff’ creates the blank canvas to showcase the New You.


You can easily re-invent your rooms with a fresh colour palette, a few new accessories, perhaps re-purposing some old furniture, space planning or changing the use of a room.

Whether you want to do the whole house or reclaim one room, you will be energized by the transformation. 


OR, not quite ready to downsize?


A décor facelift is a great way to start the process of downsizing on your terms. 

Pass on stuff to your children, friends or charities, empty the basement and garage now!  Then relax & enjoy your current home while you contemplate your next adventure.  


The added bonus is that you won’t need a huge moving van when you do decide to move to a smaller premises



Re-decorating/Re-freshing your home

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Remember, life is so much easier to navigate when you have help.

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