My Office - the before

January 11, 2016

These are the before pictures & you can see there is lots of ‘stuff’ to sort through.  I am starting with my office because I want to set a positive intention for launching Re-Thinking Home


Radical tidying emphasizes how you want to feel.  Feeling is about listening to what YOU want, not what the world wants.


Here are some concepts & results I am looking to accomplish:  

  • My office represents my interests, education, accomplishments, past/current

  • & future work.

  • I want to get organized so I am not distracted by clutter. 

  • I want my idea files arranged to make writing easier.      

  • I want to practice Radical Tidying to clarify my goals, & journal how it works to bring positive new things into my life.

  • My purpose/goal is to empower myself & others to make a difference in their lives, their community & the world using Radical Tidying as a tool to find their passion under the clutter. 

The ‘practical’ - discarding & reorganizing things

  • List tasks, such as: move/add/eliminate furniture, get things off floor, sort office supplies, purge files,

  • Get 3 packing boxes & label them, Toss, Keep, Maybe. 

  • Things to sell on Varage, Kijiji.

  • Sort by category, i.e. office supplies, keep what I need organize the rest.

  • Take pictures & record the old story & my new one.

  • Schedule blocks of time.  Have a finish date. 

The ‘feeling’ -  letting go of emotional attachments

  • The feeling part starts with MY goal intention/purpose for the room.

  • What is my story now? 

  • The office represents, work/career, so what do I want to do?

  • How do I want the room to reflect my intention?

  • Observe memories/feelings & record.

  • Process feelings quickly using body dowsing.

  • Only keep things that make me feel joy/happy & discard the rest.



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