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January 30, 2016


I started with office supplies because it was pretty straight forward.

I cleared the bed, gathered some boxes & put the timer on.  I emptied 2 file drawers, cleared shelves, took things from the closet, piled everything on the bed & called Junior to help.

With everything in site, I easily separated things into piles: keep, sell, give/donate, garbage, & things that belong somewhere else.

Three hours and 4 glasses of water later I had to stop for the night.


  • The 'keep' is back in the drawers & shelves,  

  • The 'belongs somethere else is back where it belongs

  • The 'donate' is in my car.

  • The 'garbage' is gone.

  • What is left is in a box for the next session.


Typical observations

  • I was going to buy staples, un;til I found 3 boxes at the abottom of the drawer

  • I found so many pens & markers that I didn't know I had.  Won't need to buy for a long time. 

  • Some of the items left have an emotional attachment, that I will use body dowsing to decide to keep or not.  More on that next time.


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